Jmaa el Fna

Here are a couple of panorama scenes of the square - before it got too busy

Here are some of the tradesmen who seem actually to make their money out of having their photo taken.

Carpets have to be matured before they can be sold to the public.

Snake charmers. Several of these chaps wanted us to pose with (honest! guv) harmless snakes round our neck. Surprisingly, there were no takers. Penny a lick was a failure!

Some of the bazaar food (the other spelling would seem appropriate, too). A new dialect of French seems to be developing, too.

Stalls in the market, with the Koutoubia in the background.

Soirée Marocaine

We were treated to an indifferent (it has to be said) meal, in fantastic surroundings.

And I forgot to adjust the white balance to take account of the light colour.

The carved plaster was incredibly ornate.

Flame dancing. And no, she didn’t spill any of the tea.

The second dancing lady turned out to be a southern Berber.

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