The Baia Palace

The palace has a beautifully coloured garden. Most of the colour comes from the bougainvilleas. You can see the Seville oranges, too. These seem to be grown for their blossom. There are banana palms too.

We were interested to hear that the fruit of the banana palm is eaten in India - in a curry, with prawns.

Carved plaster in the riyad of the Bahia palace,

The riyad

Painted ceiling in the Vizir’s ante-room.

The Vizir’s audience room.

Painted ceiling in the Vizir’s Wife’s quarters.

The courtyard of the harem.

The chief concubine’s cupboard space - she was the only member of the harem to have a room to herself. The retired gentleman on the left of the cupboard turned out to have worked for E&Y for a few months before he retired.

Carved wooden ceiling (Thuya, I think) of the medersa.

The teacher’s niche in the medersa. To think Christian teachers have to make do with a vocation!

Yet another painted ceiling

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