Venice, 2004

Grand Canal

Fondaco dei Turchi


And again, from the other side:

Fondaco 2

UnidentifiedPalazzo Michiel dalle Colonne

Do tell!

Thanks to Jean-Antoine Scarpa, whose  Campiello website I have used to identify many of the buildings on this page.  His site uses a map of venice very intelligently as a theme.  An idea to copy for the future.



And here are some of the things one can buy at the Peschiera:



I am sure there is a right way to photograph the Rialto, but I do not think I have found it yet.

Rialto from downstream

Here is the view from the bridge:

C Grande, towards Accademia

And the shops on and beyond the bridge.

Ruga dei Oreficei

Palazzo Franchetti

Pal Franchetti

The owners of this palazzo seem to have founded the gallery at Ca d´Oro.  But the restoration bug has struck Ca d´Oro much harder.  The interior is fine, with some superb bronzes, but the outside is very unphotogenic.

Ca D' Oro

This is as much as I could get, without picking up the scaffolding.

Ca Pesaro

Ca Pesaro

Somehow or other, there are always one or two museums and churches we miss.  Ca Pesaro is ... for the next time, I suppose.

Palazzo Dario

Pal Dario

Palazzo Grimani

Query town hall

According to Jean-Antoine, there is a love story behind this palazzo.  A young man´s prospective parents in law rejected him as being too poor.  In revenge, he had this palazzo built, with the instruction that all the window arches should be larger than the doors in his inamorata's house.  It now houses the court of appeal.

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