Venice, 2004

The Islands


It always seems to me that Murano is a sleepy place.

Murano - Fondamente dei Vetrai

If you go inside the shops and factories, you find plenty of photophobic - and hyperkinetic -  Italians, making and selling their glass treasures.  But outside, there were relatively few people, 90% of whom were tourists.  And tourists don't get up early in Venice. 

The church of S Pietro Martire was quite anonymous looking, both inside and out.

S Pietro Martire

Apart from the fact that it has a couple of decent Bellinis.  But the others were in a hurry, so I was unable to take advantage of the fact that the photo police were taking a break.

I rather admired this application of local craft techniques to devotional purposes:

Glass Virgin

Palazzo da Mula

Palazzo da Mula

Waiting for the vaporeto (I do not know whether this is Veniziano or the official spelling, but I found it in in use on all the notices).

Tram stop


By now, the tourists were awake.

Disembarking at Burano

And the sun was full on to bring out the strong coulours on the houses.

Green house

A lace shop where you could buy anything (and I do mean anything) in lace.  Too expensive for us, anyway!

Lace with everything

The quiet looking canal

Quiet canal, Burano

.... actually contains some customer service orientation that would be nice to find here in Amsterdam.

Customer Focus

Yes, the waiter stopped waiting, and took the photo the customers had asked for.  I suppose you could call him "customer focused".  I have to admit I found the canal, and the background of colourful houses very photogenic.

Canal 2, Burano


For some reason, there seem to be fondamente and calle dei assassini all over Venice.  I suspect that their main weapon was their prices.  Meanwhile, as we crossed the bridge, we could see more traditional house painting, and more traditional laundry.


The shopping drag was a good deal busier ...

Shopping Street, Burano

... than the Museo del Merletto, where they would not let us in because they were closing in a few minutes.

Museo dello chiuso


I had never heard of Mazzorbo until this holiday, but it has some more very colourful houses:


S Michele

You just have to imagine the vaporeto stop is not there ....

S Michele

My photoshop skills are not well enough developed to magic it away.  Any more than I could get rid of  the scaffolding.

S Michele 2

S Servolo

I never succeeded in finding the line 20 vaporeto that goes to S Servolo, so we only have this picture, taken from S Giorgio tower.

S Servolo

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