Venice, 2004

St Mark's & Doge's Palace

St Marks Square

Please do not feed the tourists; they are a pest and make a terrible mess.

Towards S Giorgio

That goes for this lot, as well.  Actually, compared with a few days later, there aren' t an awful lot of tourists about here.  More to the point, the long line of people on the left of the frame turned out not to be queueing for the Doge's palace, thank God!

St Marks Facade

This staircase is the one a new doge would climb after his investiture.  It is one of the few parts of the Doge' s palace where one may take photographs.  I cannot understand why the city has this anti-camera attitude.  It is one thing demanding that tourists behave respectfully in church.  But Venice has "No cameras"  signs everywhere.

Doges Stairs

The same stairs are side on in this shot (bottom, right), together with an abstract pattern in scaffolding round St Mark´s.

Doges Courtyard

This would have been better, taken from the first floor arcade, but that was out of bounds.  So I have to put up with the odd perspective this corner vantage point gave me.

Doges Courtyard 2

Lastly, here is the view along the ground-level arcade to the steps.  By now, I would have photographed a gondolier, I was so annoyed about the restrictions!


And a well deserved drink was had by all ... when it eventually came.


Lastly, here is the panorama shot from S Giorgio's tower, showing the whole length of the Riva degli Schiavoni.

San Giorgio Maggiore Panorama

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