A week in the Alps with Dennis. Our original idea had been to walk every day; but the weather had a different idea, so we ended up skiing in the morning, and only walked on two afternoons.

View towards Champagny, round to Mont Blanc

The left hand side of this picture shows the little valley that runs along under la Grande Motte towards la Grande Casse.  The massif in the middle nearly hides the Mont Blanc, while the rearmost peaks on the right are the Val d´Aosta.  The morning I took these photos was much cloudier on the Val d´Isère side.

From the Grande Motte Telepherique towards the Col d´Iseran

The Val´D´Isère glacier was closing on the Saturday we left. This was going to make the summer slopes at Tignes much busier.

View from Croix Lognan

This gives a bird´s eye view of Val Claret.  The French are pretty good at building cities in the mountains.  We are on the lower slopes of la Grande Motte here, with the area where we had been skiing on  our left.  And so the curtain came down on our last but one Club Med holiday.  The food was not uniformly good.  Apart from the 14th July, when we had méchoui for lunch and foie gras for dinner (but even then, the Beef Wellington was tough), it was almost uniformly bad.  We cancelled our trip to Egypt with the Club as soon as we got home.  We are still wondering whether we shall really go to Chamonix in January.

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