The Wawel

Leave the best to last? Me?

Now my physiotherapist will stop asking silly questions about why my neck is twisted

At last, a photo with some blue sky. As we were leaving, we couldn´t wait for the sky to get bluer later in the day – lucky, because it was snowing when we took the cab out to the airport.

Yes, it really was getting bluer. By now I knew we had gone the wrong way round the castle – the administrative offices on this side are the newest, and least attractive, part of the Wavel. The day before, when we had visited the castle complex, it had been snowing:

Well, not during this shot, perhaps; but it was too wet for me to feel like taking the corresponding picture from across the square.

A very raw day.

Here´s the cathedral, taken from the ruins of an earlier castle chapel (St Michael´s). The chapels tacked on to the nave do look like a hodge-podge from the outside, although they look rather better integrated inside.

Inside the nave are what I took to be the tombs of past Polish kings:


This shot is taken from the end of the choir. I later found out that the kings are in the crypt, so quite who these tombs belong to will remain a mystery – the absence of any explanations in any language except Polish was so authentic, darling.

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