The Rynek Glowny

At 800m2

the market square is impressively big. This is half of it, taken from the cloth hall which divides the square into two. I was going to take a second panoramic shot from the other side of the hall; but I had left my spare batteries at the hotel, and it was snowing or raining.

This shot shows the other side of the square in daylight. From this corner of the square, you can see how big the sukiennice really is. There is an art gallery on top, too. The church on the left is St Mary´s, which encloses the famous (and enormous) altarpiece by Veit Stoss (or Wit Stosz, depending on whether you think he was German or Polish). The tower on the right is all that´s left of the original town hall. The square is a focus of all sorts of commerce. First of all, the sukiennice. You can buy lots of things: a rug, for example.

or, if you are worried about bring dead animals back through customs, something a bit more conventional:

The commercial activities spread outside the sukiennice, too:

Apparently, she shouldn´t give up her day-time job just yet.

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