A challenging mixture of Gothic architecture with Baroque kitsch.

This photograph shows off how much light gets into the cathedral, something I found surprising, in view of the number of stained glass windows. Apparently, the stained glass was only added at the beginning of the 20th Century – the aisle must have been amazingly bright before this work.

And here is the stained glass up close. The shadow on the left is the guide, who is about to tell me I’m not allowed to use a tripod. I should have taken the tabletop one, it is less noticeable.

The Cathedral from the square on which the Royal palace stands.

This shot of the cathedral spires is taken from a distance of about 500m, to reduce the receding verticals we saw in the previous shot. Unfortunately, the tripod wasn’t high enough to see over the intervening roofs. I should have gone onto the terrace in front of the Strahov monastery.

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