The most breathtaking aspect of the scenery, apart from the scenery, is the flora. I'm no botanist, so what hit me in the eye was the colour. So deep. One thing I already have on board is this: next year, I shall have to find a way to use Neutral Density filters - they concentrate the focus on the flower you are shooting - without getting suncream on them!

Spring Gentian, near Génépy Glacier

Spring Gentian, on the way to Refuge du Saut

It's (we are told) partly a question of short seasons - as in the West of Scotland.

False Lily, on the way to La Glière

Clover, on the way to la Glière

Alpine snapdragons - not yet identified

Clover and Pedicularis Cenisia (I think)


Unidentified - possibly some cousin of the Geranium?

Alpine form of Digitalis

L Martogan

Black Vanilla Orchid

Another thing I shall do is order the wind to be steady. The later days, it swung about like a mad thing, making it very hard for the flora to stand still while I got my shot right.

Rhododendrons, near Lac des Fées


Linaria Alpina Miller - Le Muflier des Alpes

OK, last lesson, we're taking a pocket book of flora and a notebook, next year!

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