Le Fruit - seen from the Genepy

The second day was harder. Perhaps we shouldn't have taken a 650m walk so soon. But the scenery was really rewarding.

Mountain byres

The cows in this valley produce Appellation Controlée Beaufort d'Alpage cheese. Having seen the rich flowers, we have a much better idea why the alpine cheeses are so rich!

The Cirque du Génépy

Here is the glacier that gives the walk its name. We were going to have our picnic on the grass plateau at the centre of the picture, just above the falls (about 2400m). I have now seen other people's photos of this glacier, and I am pleased to relate that I'm not the only one who can't wholly compensate for the brightness of the snow.

Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe

The elderly gentleman in centre shot lives in a 7th floor flat with no lift. He seemed to have no trouble with the steep climbs!

Looking across from Génépy

Crossing the Névé

Here we are, crossing the névé. You can see how warm we are by the fact that no-one is wearing their sweater.

M-C on the slippery slope

The Glacier

Just around the corner from here we saw the chamois - but with no telephoto attachment, there was no chance of a photo.

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