Finally at last we reached the Alps…. We have more or less decided that we shan't drive there again. The drive is so tiring, and it looks as though the train is a real alternative.

The Hotel

Aspen Park is really nice. There is a certain uniformity to the buildings in Meribel, but at least they have avoided the barracks-block construction that afflicts some of the other alpine ski resorts.

Aspen Park, Meribel

The hotel is the building with the white parasols on the balcony. Although the buildings are quite close to each other, you never feel too crowded - perhaps because of the slope.

Meribel seen from above

Our bedroom was on the side of the hotel, looking down the valley.

The valley - and the hotel next door.

Marie-Christine - unable to move after lunch on the terrace

Here is the close up of the terrace. I would have taken the photo during lunch, only you couldn't have seen the hotel or the guests for the clouds of waiters. And anyway, I was busy eating my own!

The Piano Bar, Aspen Park, Meribel

The piano bar enjoys the amusing conceit of a gallery in the shape of a grand piano. The games room, where we played bridge - is above on the left hand side. Christine is doing her best to look like a bridge widow.

Le Buffet de Mignardises, Aspen Park

The pastry cook and his assistants are very artistic, as you can see from the arrangement of petits fours. But I'm sure it wasn't the mignardises that account for the two kilos each we put on. We had to fight our way through foie gras, coquilles St Jacques, fillet steak, and the cheese to buffet to get to them.

Left to Right: Marie-Christine, Francis, Annie, Mike, Cathy, and Michel

Here are some of the friends we made. Francis is a keen bridge learner, while Michel is nearly as much of an Italophile as me!

Aspen Park, by night

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