Club Méditerannée - Meribel 2001


We broke our journey from Amsterdam to Meribel at Metz and Nancy. Here are some photos of Metz, which was an important settlement in Roman Gaul (Divodurum Mediomatricum).

Place du Théâtre, Metz

The theatre stands on an artificial island formed by the canalised Moselle. Most of the government buildings seem to be around here. Here is the bridge where the lock used to be.

Pont de l'écluse, Metz

This bank of the Moselle was where two of the most important Roman roads in Gaul crossed. The cathedral (St Étienne) is odd to the English eye - too bulky, not enough spire:

La Cathédrale de St Étienne, Metz

There is a rather more severe Protestant church: le nouveau temple. Christine thought it rather too much like a church (apparently it should look more Palladian):

Le Nouveau Temple, Metz

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant: L'Hotel du Théâtre. I can't really say anything good about the hotel or the restaurants on the island, so I classify Metz as "Vaut le détour" - to Nancy!

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