Our hotel had the most fantastic ceramics. Everywhere. Here is the ceiling outside the restaurant.

And the welcome team

Another thing that Meknes had in abundance (we were to learn that Morocco has in abundance) is gates. Larry Grayson would have been very happy here. Here’s the (official) second-best in Meknes, complete with a drop of rain on the lens.

And here’s the number 1: El Mansour.

On the grounds that size isn’t everything, we actually preferred the smaller, and less pretentious one next to it.

When Mouley Ismail built his capital in Meknes, Louis XIV was busy extending Versailles. This cistern (10 hectares: several football pitches; and originally about 2 metres deep) was also apparently a “me too” gesture. In the background are the ruined stables where his army kept 12,000 horses. But, shades of Humpty Dumpty, the palaces of Meknes were irreparably damaged by the Lisbon earthquake.

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