Morocco, March 2001


First and last nights were in the Ibis Moussafir. Although this hotel has a beautiful garden, and very friendly waiters, it was a bit of a disappointment. We were supposed to be near the beach, in the 4 star Anezi; instead we were in a three star, on the edge of town, surrounded by empty lots.

Agadir has a beautiful beach - more than 5 kilometres of it. This view is taken from the old Casbah, ruined in the terrible earthquake of 1960. You can see the Casbah (now being restored) as the backdrop to the camera-shy dromedary (the owner moved to protect him, as soon as he noticed I was turning the camera on).

It has a colourful, though perhaps less beautiful fishing port:

With the attendant fish market:

And a traditional shipyard. These boats are built on crutches. When the time comes for them to be launched, the builders pass a trailer underneath and lift them free from the crutches to tow them to the slip.

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