Marmore Falls

The falls at Marmore have been attracting tourists since the 18th Century. At first, we couldnīt see why.

It emerged that the Electricity company only turns them on for part of the day. The view from the observatory was very good, but the human eye suppresses the factory in the foreground, and compensates for the haze in the background.

Meanwhile, the water was cranking up.

and up

and up

I began to wonder where the gents was …

We drove down to the lower observation point. You can see the falls rather better from there, although spray is a constant hazard.

The falls are so loud you canīt hear the traffic going by on what is a major trunk road.

When you finally get opposite them, you get the idea of what all the fuss was about. And wet, too.

You can see that the camera got wet, too. I also got my first photograph of a rainbow; we were so nervous that it might disappear (by now, ENEL were about to turn the falls off again) that I didnīt get any members of our family in the picture.

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