We took the decision to go South for a couple of days to visit Paestum. This had been a long-cherished ambition. We arrived in the late afternoon, and were able to see the remains at dusk:

These are the temples of Poseidon and the first temple of Hera. It was too late to go in when we arrived, so we went for a Pizza. On the way back, we got these night photos.


Hera I

The next day, we were able to see how big the site really is. Our hotel was at the Southern end of the city, so we start with Hera 1 and Poseidon.

Hera I, with some irreverent pilgrims.


Swimming pool, with underfloor and underwater obstacle course.


Painted Jar. Tourist having impromptu night-time Cretan dancing lesson, perhaps.

Armour; although it isnīt clear why the invisible man would need any.

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