Christmas 2009

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Peter's first Christmas

A chance to see how Peter had changed since we left Anne and Roger with their new charge on 19 November.

He has a new chair, which gives him light and sound stimuli when he kicks it.

The combined light rail, control panel (Thank God, you can turn off the noise!), and carrying handle is rather an obstacle to photography.

Here is a shot from another angle.

You have to choose between a close up to the face,

or a picture with his feet and rattles in the foreground

A chance to get used to Grannie again,

Christmas Day

Dennis and Antonia came over for a 36 hour visit

An opportunity for a group photo

Isobel was very keen to try out Peter's chair.

And quite interested in the pop-up book she had been given for Christmas.

She hasn't got her head round getting her top off yet

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