Christmas 2007

Anne's new house

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Here is the house


Hadlow has a fine looking old parish church

And we liked the lane leading from the village to the church.

Hadlow is right in the hop-growing areas, so everywhere you looked there were oasthouses.

I have to admit I embellished the Christmas weather a little in the shots above, because it was the time of the year where days are short, dark, and misty.


On Christmas Eve we went down to Canterbury, in the hope of being able to visit the Cathedral. I have no recollection of ever setting foot inside it during my Ramsgate years; perhaps the monks preferred Pugin's style of gothic.

Of course, it being Christmas Eve, there was a carol service taking place, and we were unable to visit the inside.

So the trip turned into an exploration of Canterbury's shopping facilities :-(

Family shots

Dennis and Antonia

Dennis, absorbed in some fascinating magazine about cycling.

Anne and Christine..

Wedding anniversaries

The 27th was my parents' 60th wedding anniversary, (as well as the 30th being Christine and my 35th), and a celebration dinner took place in The Randolph..