Chamonix 2005

A week at Club Med&apost;s newest 4-trident got off to a rocky start.  Firstly, the brochure had said nothing about all-day skiing.  Not a problem for me, but MC would have to spend all day on her own, which didn´t sound like much fun.   There was much too much snow to allow her to go walking in high-heels.  And there were one or two GMs who would certainly have found their way onto Ko-Ko´s little list if I had had anything to do with it.  Luckily,  she discovered that she liked the club´s spa and pool.

 And we made friends with a Belgian GM who doesn´t ski any more.


The first couple of days, and the last, we skied on the Brevent, across the valley from the Mont Blanc.  Here are some panoramas I took the last day.
Aiguille verte

The peak on the left is the Aiguille Verte, I think.   Then the Aiguille du Midi, which I was planning to visit on the day of our departure, will be the one just visible at the right hand end.  Sad to say, it was too cloudy for the lift to be working, so we shall have to go back next year.
Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc really doesn´t look at all high or steep from here. And yet it is about 2300 metres higher than the point from which I took this photo.

Here are photos of Danielle with Christine, and of the two of us
Christine and Danielle
Mike and Christine
It was so bright I really had trouble with getting enough back-light compensation.  On the way down, we admired the daring with which the hang-gliders flew between the valley sides:
Hang Gliders
And I pointed out the hotel to Christine and Danielle. You can see it at the point of the arrow:
This shot shows how the hotel manages to be in town, less than 300 metres from the railway station, and yet at the foot of the piste.

Here I am, standing at the said foot.
And here is Christine
Lastly, here is the least probable form of transport in Chamonix - a Russian carriage!
Except that the arms painted on the side are those of the Savoys!

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