Cervinia, 2004


My instructor was Ivo:

The pistes at Cervinia are really wide. Here is an example, looking North from Plateau Rosà.

This is the view down to Zermatt. The piste in the foreground doesn't look wide, but it is a good 30 metres.


The main star is Il Cervino, or Matterhorn. You really feel as though you could reach over and touch it.

I skied from Plateau Rosa (3500m) the last three days. You can look down to Zermatt in the North:

On the right day (but that was the day I left my camera behind), you can see all the way to the Gran Paradiso:

One of the most inspiring long distance views is a huge snow-filled bowl, probably Mont Avic:

This is the view from our hotel window.


Cervinia has its share of grotesques. When we climbed up the steps at Plateau Rosa, we discovered a photo accessory:

Mine isn't much better:


The village is just as unbeautiful as you might expect, given that Mussolini decided to make Breuil a temple to fascist skiing (hence the name change).

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